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Corporate events


Dans le Noir ? is not only an unusual restaurant but also a unique sensory experience, an original human experience to socialize that can prove to be an extremely innovative and powerful tool for companies : directors, managers, whether your goal is marketing or promotional, HR or commercial, whether you want to strengthen cohesion or reward a teams, please contact us.



Dans le Noir ? is a successful brand making social innovation and quality the heart of its business model. With 50% employees with disabilities, Dans le Noir ? became an independent international group free from any charity support or public subsidy. Dans le Noir ? likes to share its experience, faithful to his motto: "A good experience is better than a long speech"

Main corporations in the world decided to work with us as many small and middle size companies. Why not you?

Some ideas for corporate events:

Team building Paris

Team building

Having fun and emotion are the key points of these experiences designed to meet your HR objectives and promote team cohesion.

organize a brainstorming session


A source of creativity without borders that our experts will adapt to your case. Darkness frees speech, stimulates creativity and kills preconception.

Seminar and training

A source of infinite creativity that our experts will adapt to your goals. Darkness frees speech, stimulating creativity and kills preconception.

Eat with your team

Eat with your team

Meet your colleagues in an unusual setting to celebrate a success, a Christmas party, reward a team...

Clients / customers events

Clients / customers events

Gather and thank your clients, customers, retailers or partners offering an original and unforgettable experience.

Degustation / Bling Tasting

Degustation / Bling Tasting

Focus our attention on the content to discover and evaluate a product. Product development, pre-market sensory testing phases, use our pitch darkness as a research & development tool.

Product  promotion / Press

Product promotion / Press

Press conferences in the dark, product launches, advertising, ... restaurants and sensory spaces provide specific events for strategic targets.

Recruitment in the dark in Paris

Recruitment in the dark

Going further than the anonymous resume to focus on the essentials; the qualities and skills of the candidates.

Raising awareness about disability

Raising awareness about disability

Ethik Investment Group employs 50% of people with severe without any public or charity support. We love to share our expérience.



Organize an out-of-the-ordinary event that will surprise your family, your spouse, your fiancé, your loved ones, your friends or your colleagues.

Birthday, bachelorette party (EVJF), bachelor party (EVG), celebration of a diploma, a success, or even first meeting (blind dating) ... we saw everything in the dark! If it is true that marriage proposals and declarations of love in complete darkness remain our favourites, do not hesitate to contact us for your most original requests.

Some unusual ideas for private events:

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 Y.O. ? There is no age to party whether for your birthday party or even your wedding anniversary. More than a restaurant, Dans le Noir ? offers an unforgettable experience.

Bachelor and Bachelorette

Bachelor and Bachelorette

Bachelor party or bachelorette party to organize? Looking for an original activity or unusual experience that will make this moment memorable?



Small parties or large table, we love to welcome you making this dinner in the dark unforgettable.



Small parties or large table, we love making this dinner in the dark unforgettable.


You can also organize charity events such as a fundraising, a meeting with a personality, a conference, a reading or a concert "unpluged" in the pitch dark!

Contact our teams who will help to tailor your project making your event unforgettable.


For Dans le Noir? Team, human connections are key in our business. Celebrate, gather us, entertain, surprise, awake your dreams, offer you unique and unusual moments, here is our leitmotif every day. We also organize throughout the year, in all our venues across the globe, many events open to the public: auction in the dark, blind tastings for children, concert or philosophical debate in the dark, innovative partnerships and other sensory journey.

* Do you want to participate as an individual? Check with our establishments, follow our blog and our social networks to be informed in real time of our programming and book your place as soon as possible.

* You want to start a project with us? We love the new challenges! Contact us now.

A few ideas recently organized:

  • Cultural entertainment in the dark

  • Innovative partnerships

  • Auction in the dark

  • Blind tasting
  • Sensory journey

  • Tastings & afternoon Snacks for children

Cultural entertainment in the dark

Darkness has this extraordinary ability to focus attention and free the imagination, speech and pushes participants to express emotions, experiences or ideas that social conventions or simple shyness censors in other contexts. The release of an author's book, a café-philo to open a debate, a musical evening in the dark at the piano or capella, a play or a comedy show, are all cultural events that we are committed to organizing.

Blind tasting

Wine tasting, Champagne Tasting, Whisky Tasting... forget the label and focus on these unusual tastings. Tasting in the dark goes beyond blind tasting, which is so dear to wine clubs. It is a global experience, immersive in a unique sensory universe. We often have expert or prestigious guests, eucologists, chefs, cellar masters. We also sometimes invite producers to come and present their products in our restaurants or sensory spaces.

Innovative partnerships

Dark is an extraordinary and original tool to stand out from the crowd and stand out. We have organized many partnerships around the world to highlight ever more fun, interesting and meaningful experiences.

During the Beer Week Festival in Melbourne in 2019, we organised a special evening in partnership with the festival and a local brewery and concocted a dedicated beer-based menu. Guaranteed success for amateurs and novices.

In Auckland in 2019, the first TEDx in the dark took place, a world first in partnership with Vodafone.  

Sensory trips

Listen, smell, touch, taste,... we awaken all your senses for this sensory journey developed to measure for or by leading brands. Like this sensory tour in Sichuan organized with great Chinese chefs from Chengdu in early 2019.

Auction sale in the dark

An auction in the dark is a unique experience to organize or live!

Experts in the field, we organized in London with Sotheby's the first auction of wine in the dark for the benefit of the Sense Foundation and recently a sale of works of art in the dark for the Fredericks Foundation. In Melbourne we raised funds for the association "Vision Australia" which helps to find work for people with visual disabilities.

Tastings for children

Dans Le Noir ? is an unusual experience but also kids friendly extremely effective to awaken the senses and curiosity of your children by offering them a fun and original experience adapted to their age. Thematic snacks in the restaurant, thematic workshops in the sensory area, children are always welcome from 6 years old always accompanied by an adult.

Any ideas? A project? An event to organize?