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A unique dining and tasting experience

The Concept




Dining in absolute darkness, being hosted and served by the visually impaired, will change your perspective of the world by altering your point of view. It's a sensory experience to awaken your senses and enable you to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell. It's also a social experience where darkness frees inhibitions and fosters a togetherness without preconceptions. A human experience where those with visual impairments become our eyes and guides for a short time in an intriguing, sensual world. Discover the famous "Dans le Noir?" surprise menus created with the assistance of chef Olivier Romain and accompanied by a wine list selected by Christophe Garnier, œnology expert. Plunge into your imagination to rediscover your senses and meet others. Our event planning and consulting divisions (Ethik Event and Ethik Management) are trying to share this experience in Europe with large companies and institutions, to develop a positive perception of the difference. It's an experience that the entire world can and should enjoy (New York, Bangkok, Moscou, St Petersburg …) through tempoarary or franchise experiences.