Chefs & Wine experts

Chefs & Wine experts

jérôme barret

Jérôme Barret is an oenologist and an expert in sensory tasting. He is a specialist in degustation; he gives advice to restaurant owners and vineyards all around the world. He helps numerous producers to develop their product’s quality or simply helps them to find their identity in the wine world.

Jérome Barret – Œnologist & Wine consultant

“If there is a moment when you must doubt about your senses, it is when you taste the wine in total darkness. This extraordinary experience is a perpetual re-assessment even for experts.” Jérome Barret












Thi muller


Thi-chef“My first diner at Dans le noir was a revelation to me. All my attention was focused on taste, textures, and smell. This experimentation was more than a simple professional experience. Not only was it a personal re-assessment but also a great opening towards surprising and refreshing creativity. Released from the appearance, my cuisine offers unexpected organoleptic pathway or to say the least quite surprising. To give a culinary and gastronomical ambition to the team at Dans le Noir ? is to me a unique experience in my career, which I will enjoy wholeheartedly.” 

Thi Muller