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A story of sense

Dining in absolute darkness, being hosted and served by the visually impaired, will change your perspective of the world by inverting your point of view. It is a sensory experience that awakes your senses and enables you to completely re-evaluate your perception …

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Every Friday in  London and Barcelona, join this unique party  every Friday from 10 PM to 1AM !! Discover the concept in video

A selection of products selected in total darkness

Ethik Event et Dans le Noir ? seront au Old Course hotel pour un extraordinaire évènement pop up !
Dans le Noir ? in Scotland !
Dans le noir ? the Restaurant

Dans le noir ?

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Our surprise menus

Designed by our chef Julien MACHET

With Julien Machet, a talented chef who creates our menus and Jérôme Barret our wine consultant and an international winemaker, embark on a sensory experience that awakes your senses and enables you to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell…

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Dans le noir ?

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un label that focuses on essential qualities


In the dark, everyone is an equal, experts and consumers re-discover their sens et choose without preconceptions !

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Dans le noir ? TV
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A light for africa

A light for africa

Dans le Noir ?

Dans le Noir ?

A Light for Africa

Alone we are faster, together we go further !
African Proverb

Dans le Noir? A light for Africa is an independent programme entirely sponsored and funded by private enterprises who are aiming at electrifying as many African schools as possible.

Providing schools with solar electric equipment has a very important impact in a village. The equipment is associated with the computerization of a building and therefore allows a net improvement on the teaching methods and information of the inhabitants. It also allows for an improvement on the students’ health, nutrition, and access to drinkable water. A few isolated projects have even been extended to their dispensary as well.

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